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Cholera Epidemics in the 19th Century

The Great Plague of London, 1665

The Boston Smallpox Epidemic, 1721

“Pestilence” and the Printed Books of the Late 15th Century

Spanish Influenza in North America, 1918–1919

Syphilis, 1494–1923

Tropical Diseases and the Construction of the Panama Canal, 1904–1914

Tuberculosis in Europe and North America, 1800–1922

The Yellow Fever Epidemic in Philadelphia, 1793

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Hans Zinsser Papers

Hans Zinsser (MD 1903, Columbia University) was Charles Wilder Professor of Bacteriology and Immunology at Harvard Medical School from 1935 to 1940. He also served as chief of Bacteriological Services at Children’s and Infants’ Hospital, and as a consultant in bacteriology at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. His research included the development of a vaccine for typhus, the etiology (cause or origin) of rheumatic fever, the host response to syphilis, the nature of the antigen-antibody reaction, and the measurement of virus size, as well as studies of delayed hypersensitivity and allergy.

The full collection at the Countway Library contains personal papers, research writing and travel material, and some teaching notes. The personal papers include manuscripts of poems and other literary work; correspondence with publishers and friends; family correspondence and financial material; diary and reports relating to Zinsser’s World War I service; clippings; and other items, such as photographs, awards, and date books. Other material includes notes on experiments and related research and notes, manuscripts of writings, and reprints on medical topics and other printed material.