Translations of the Ottoman constitutional laws :  the Wilayet Administrative Law, the Municipal Law and various other laws  
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Constitutions -- Turkey ;  Constitutional law -- Turkey ;  Administrative law -- Turkey ;  Local government -- Turkey ;  Municipal corporations -- Turkey ;  Boards of trade -- Turkey ;  Eminent domain -- Turkey ;  Press law -- Turkey ;  IraqBaghdad

published work

Ottoman constitutional law of the 7th Dhil Hujjah, 1293 AH [December 24, 1876 AD] as amended. -- Regulations of the Chamber of deputies. -- Regulations of the Senate. -- Provisional law of administration of wilayets of the 13th March, 1329 AH [March 26, 1913 AD] as amended. -- Municipal law of the 27th Ramadhan, 1294 AH [October 5, 1877 AD] as amended. -- Law regulating chambers of commerce and industry, dated the 31st May, 1326 AH [June 13, 1910 AD]. -- Provisional law of expropriation on behalf of municipalities dated the 21st Kanun Thani, 1329 AH [February 3, 1914 AD]. -- Regulations of expropriation for public purposes, dated the 24th Tashrin Thani, 1295 AH [December 6, 1879 AD] as amended. -- The Press law of the 16th Tamuz, 1325 AH [July 29, 1910 AD] as amended.

Introductory note signed Ministry of Justice, Baghdad, and dated 12th March 1921: "The following translations of Turkish Laws have been prepared in the Ministry of Justice. The accuracy of the translation is not guaranteed and an apology is needed for manifest imperfections; but as they are urgently required for use by officials, it has been considered more useful to print them as they are rather than to delay their publication for further revision".

With Table of contents: "A translation of the Regulations for Election of Deputies has been printed separately".

In English, translated from Ottoman Turkish.

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