Salāt-i Masʻūdī : manuscript, 1298-1299 [i.e. 1881-1882]
Samarqandī, Masʻūd ibn Muḥammad ibn Yūsuf., creator
Ṣaḥḥāf ʻAbd al-Jalīl, , binder.bnd
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Harvard Law School Library
3 v. in 1 [528 leaves] ; 31 cm.

Islamic bindings (Binding)-19th century.

Fasting -- Religious aspects -- Islam ;  Abū Ḥanīfah , -767 or 768 ;  Divorce (Islamic law) ;  Islam -- Doctrines ;  Islamic law ;  Prayer -- Islam ;  Zakat

A manuscript treatise on prayer, ablution, alms, fasting, divorce, etc. The first volume opens with a chapter on "Tawḥīd", i.e. Islamic theology. This is followed by a chapter on Abū Ḥanīfah and his school of law.

Copied by ʻAbd al-Wahhāb Aksakal ibn Mirzā Muḥammad Sharīf, the scribe of Sayyid Muẓaffar Muḥammad Bahādīr Ṣulṭān. 1st and 2nd v. dated 1298, 3d. v. dated 1299.

Written in black and red, within gilt frames; each volume begins with an illuminated decorative heading.

Bound in blind-stamped red morocco with glazed yellow paper pasted to both covers. Each cover is decorated with three blind-stamped medallions, four of which bear the binders' name, Ṣaḥḥaf ʻAbd al-Jalīl. The manuscript has a striped cloth slip-cover, possibly of Afghan origin.

HLS MS 1357, Harvard Law School Library.

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