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Manuscripts and Records

Expeditions and Discoveries includes over 50,000 pages of digitized manuscript and archival materials, and nearly 2,800 digitized photographs, prints, and drawings. The manuscript and archival materials selected for Expeditions and Discoveries can be used for research, for the creation of class projects, or to illustrate secondary works.

Louis Agassiz Correspondence and Other Papers (MS Am 1419) (detail). Houghton Library, Harvard University

Louis Agassiz Correspondence and Other Papers (MS Am 1419) (detail). Houghton Library, Harvard University.


In most cases the items are drawn from larger collections at Harvard. Most of the digitized selections from collections contain a range of materials providing a broad context for understanding the subject.

Click "Display Full Record" from any browse or search result list for descriptions of these collections. Full record displays not only include links to all digital objects associated with a catalog record, but they also point to electronic finding aids in the catalog "Notes."

Please contact the owning library or repository listed in the catalog record for each item for additional information.

To broaden the scope of collection browsing: Conduct a full-text search of the same term or its root. Example: diary retrieves nearly 800 pages in the collection, and diar* retrieves even more.

To narrow the scope of browsing: Combine terms using the site’s catalog search. Example: a search of Hassler in "anywhere" and "notebooks" in form/genre will retrieve only the notebooks pertaining to Hassler.