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Notable People

Listed below are selected individuals included in the Expeditions and Discoveries collection as authors or subjects of books, manuscripts, diaries, letters, and other archival and visual materials. The "related links" point to useful biographical background information at other sites.

Alexander Agassiz
related link: NOAA
Louis Agassiz
related link: UC Berkeley
Elizabeth Cary Agassiz
related link: Harvard OASIS
Roald Amundsen
related link: PBS
Solon Irving Bailey
Henry Bryant Bigelow
Annie Jump Cannon
related link: Wellesley College
James Cook
Charles Darwin
William Curtis Farabee
Williamina Paton Stevens Fleming
Asa Gray
Alfred Vincent Kidder
Henrietta Swan Leavitt
related link: PBS
Teobert Maler
related link: Mesoweb
Edward Palmer
Robert Peary
related link: PBS
Matthew Calbraith Perry
Tatiana Proskouriakoff
Ernest Henry Shackleton
related link: BBC
Henry Morton Stanley
related link: BBC
Ernest Henry Wilson
To find more resources about any individual in Expeditions and Discoveries, conduct a Full-Text Search of the person’s name, within quotes. Example: a full-text of "James Cook" retrieves over 175 pages.