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Bohdan Krawciw (1904–1975)

Bohdan Krawciw was born in Lopianka, Dolyna County, Ukraine. He was a poet, journalist, and literary critic. After emigrating, he worked in the US as an editor and journalist for the newspapers Ameryka and Svoboda, the Plast journal Molode zhyttia, the journal Suchasnist', and the Entsyklopediia ukraïnoznavstva (Encyclopedia of Ukraine). In his editorial work, Krawciw kept files of newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photographs regarding artists, literary figures, community organizations, and the Ukrainian press.

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Personal Papers

Bohdan Krawciw Papers, 1915–1976 (inclusive). Ukrainian Research Institute Library, Harvard University. Included here:

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Bohdan Krawciw Papers, 1915–1976 (inclusive). Ukrainian Research Institute Reference Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.