Widgets Prototypes For Andover-Harvard Theological Library


PSCC 3.1, "Embeddable discovery web tools -- configurable search tool that can easily be added to websites", was assigned Priority 4 by the ULC for FY2010. The text of the task is:

PSCC-3. Embeddable discovery tools (medium priority of the ad hoc CODA group)

This project would create a customizable metasearch tool that can be added by libraries into their web sites to query selected licensed databases. As a follow-on project to CCCC 1.4 Web services, this project could also include investigation of creating embeddable HTML links into Aleph or AquaBrowser utilizing those Web Services.

As part of our attempt to fulfill this, we propose a pilot that partially addresses this, as articulated by Gloria Korsman of the Andover-Harvard Library:

We at HDS are deeply interested in embedding intuitive meta search options on our library website, and on course pages. This product looks like a potential option.

Further discussion with her resulted in the requirement of two separate "embeddable" widgets: a simple search box that would do a Metalib cross-search against a predefined set of resources of her choosing; and an "advanced search" form that would present the user with a set of pre-defined resources that the user could further refine.

Assuming a successful pilot with Divinity, we would propose to create a small website (a "widget generator") open to Harvard librarians and iSite developers that would allow web site developers to choose a set of e-resources from a list. The web site would then automatically create html code that can be cut and pasted into a web site to create a custom metalib search without any manual intervention by OIS.


Model for advanced search: Sacramento State Library's cross-search form customized for Philosophy

"Simple" search widget embedded in a mock-up of the Andover Harvard Theological Library's "Front" page.

"Advanced" Search page

Potential use in a Course iSites test